Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Going Home

Thanks Blogger, it's been fun, but I am officially back at my old spot and happy to be there.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Well, It Was Worth A Shot

Okay kids, my experiment is over. I tried blogger, and it was okay. But I raked in a total of $3 bucks in two months from my ads, and that's just not really worth it. I miss the Wordpress features, and how much prettier the site was.. so from now on you can find me at my old site address at I'm really sorry if you have to change bookmarks.

I really appreciate your willingness to put up with my experiment. I guess I will have to settle for a blog that doesn't make money, but is satisfying in so many other ways. Because it is, and gosh dern it, I luv you guyz!

So here's the game plan: I'm going to re-post all the posts on this site over to my old one, and they'll all show up as if they were posted the same day, and I suppose I can't repost the comments, but it's the best I can do to keep it all together. Bear with me, and I promise you everything will be back to normal soon as pie.

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Real Thing?

Sorry I've been MIA for the past couple days everyone. It's been busy, emotional, and completely insane.

Last night I was at Roseboy's, wrapped in the fuzziest blanket from the waist down, wrapped in his hairy arms from the waist up. My head half on his shoulder, half on the pillow, my lips slightly below and behind his ear, kissing and kissing.

I whispered in his ear, against all my better judgment, "I'm falling for you." Without pause, he said, "I've already fallen."

Then he got very flustered and agitated. He started speaking really fast, using his hands. His words were jumbled and confused... but basically he was saying how strange this all was, and how much it scared him that he was feeling this way, so soon, and at the end of his spastic explanation a sentence just tumbled out of his mouth: "I fucking love you."

My heart fluttered and jumped inside my ribcage. I grabbed him and kissed him hard. "I love you!"

It was if he was in shock. "I never say it first," he said. "But I've been holding it back for two weeks... I don't know why, what's the point? If you feel it you should say it, right? I mean, I think I'm old enough to know, right?" He just rambled on and on. Terrified.

"I mean," he said, "I can see our life together." He closed his eyes and put his hand on his forehead, embarrassed. "I can even see our kids."

"They'd be short." I say. "Yes, but cute." "Very cute."

I have never been able to talk about marriage or kids or anything like that with a guy before. One boyfriend started picking out furniture for our "future," for "fun," and I told him right then and there that I would never marry him. He said I was mean. "Honest," I said.

And from the agitation, I can tell that Roseboy isn't used to this kind of talk either. In fact, he told me that usually in his past relationships, girls would say "I love you" and he would decide right then that he needed to end it.

It's so new, and so strange.

I've always thought that "love at first sight" was bullshit. I am starting to wonder if I was too quick to judge. This wasn't love at first sight, but it was certainly fast, and felt right... right from the very beginning. It feels different, it's strong and it's intoxicating. Is this it? Is this what it feels like when you meet Mr. Right?

And am I blowing this way out of proportion? Am I reading far too much into the little coincidences- like the fact that we have the same ringtone and like the same music and went to the same camp when we were 14... Am I reading too much into our sexual compatibility? Our the fact that we were both punky little alterna-kids in high school?

It's so intense. I feel drunk. And terrified. And so happy.

Is this really happening?

I told him the cheesiest line. It came out sounding exactly like a "line" from a movie... but the thing is, it's true, and exactly how I feel.

"You are what I've always been looking for, I just didn't know it until I met you."

And even still he managed to out-cheese me.

"I had a dream when I was 15, about a girl, 'the one.' She looked alot like you. She had the same freckles around her mouth. That's what I remember, her mouth. It's your mouth."

Friday, August 3, 2007

Photo Graphic Possibilities

Traditionally, whenever my hit counter jumped another 10,000 I try to show my gratitude by posting some pictures of one various body part or another. It's strange because even though I started the hit counter on this site at the same point as the one on my original site, but this one isn't growing nearly as fast as my old one. Maybe it's because I'm not getting as many hits from Google searches, or perhaps this hit counter has higher standards than the first... but either way, my old site has reached 72,000 hits and I want to celebrate that accomplishment in the manner I always have.

Last night Roseboy told me his favorite part of me was my mouth, and how it didn't seem to be captured correctly in the pictures of me he had seen. He mentioned that we didn't have any pictures of the two of us together. "No, we don't." I wasn't sure what kind of pictures he was referring to, and to be honest, I don't remember what he said to lead me to believe he was talking about dirty ones. I made some crack about making sure they were flattering, and he said we could go through and edit them together.

"We'd have to be careful about what happens to them," I say.

"You could hold onto them," he replies. "I don't mind what happens to them, if they end up on the internet or whatever."

"You wouldn't mind them on the internet?" I ask. "Even ... my blog?" He just grinned at me.

I told him about this website. I shouldn't have. I didn't tell him how to find it, and I didn't really give too many details about it besides that I wrote about him, and I wrote about sex.

"Have you ever done that before?"

"Take dirty pictures?"


"Yes, but never with anyone else."

"You mean, of yourself?"

"How else do you think my blog got so popular?"

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Period Sex.

It's been a while since I've been with anyone who wanted to have sex while I was on the rag. Roseboy is more than willing, and that's fun.

Now, I know I have mentioned The Keeper before, but not gone into much detail. A detailed post about it is to follow, I promise, but a quick note about it is this: with the Keeper, you can receive oral sex on your period. Yup. Believe it. The Keeper contains your menstrual fluid safe and sound in a rubber/silicone cup that suctions around your cervix, high up in your vagina. What's especially great about it is that it leaves the walls of your vagina clean, and unlike tampons, doesn't absorb your normal vaginal fluids along with the menstrual ones. Therefore, with the Keeper in, you can still get wet when you're aroused, and those fluids stay separate from your period blood. When your partner licks you- all they taste is your sex juices.

So yeah. Anyways, even though I could have pushed for oral, I decided I'd ease him into the period stuff, and took out my Keeper so we could have regular sex. (You can't have intercourse with it in.) We layed down towels, and then I got an idea.

Since we weren't going to have oral, why not get things nice and lubed up? I broke out some Pjur Eros, a really nice silicone lube, and my Black Dragon latex gloves. Now, I know some of you might not get the point of gloves, but hopefully this post will illuminate that for you. And Black Dragons make the latex glove things super sexy, since they are perfectly fitted, textured, and jet black - made specifically for sex. If you can't see the sex appeal with gloves, just think of that scene in Fight Club where Brad is fucking Helena Bonham Carter wearing nothing but big, yellow dishwashing gloves. Mmm.

Anyway, the glove thing led to some unexpected but incredibly exciting activity. We started out with a lubed genital massage, but since our hands were protected from anything potentially "icky" they started to wander to new and previously undiscovered territory.

We had briefly discussed the anus before, and I expressed some curiosity. He seemed to have no inhibitions about it as he felt around and began to probe me. I followed suit on him. This was exciting, and very new for me.

I had read some books about anal play, but never tried it. The books gave me the impression that anal play was a lot more complicated than it proved to be. I thought I would have to be relaxed to the point of pudding in order to allow a finger in, and that it would take some serious concentration to get to that point. Not so, my friends. With a little Eros, I was enjoying all the benefits of being finger fucked in the ass in no time! He told me later he was only getting up to his second knuckle, but it certainly felt like a deep penetration. Because I was at a bad angle, I didn't get too deep into him, maybe just my fingertip, but I was also afraid to hurt him.

And then he fucked me. He fucked me with his dick thrusting in and out of my vag, and his finger thrusting in and out of my ass. My finger was in his ass as he fucked me. Double penetration was something wonderful I never expected. "I can feel my finger with my dick!" He exclaimed.

I don't know what it is, but I love the idea of being penetrated so completely- every hole, so much so that no matter where I move, I can't escape. This is partly why I love being eaten out and finger fucked at the same time- and why it makes me come every single time. No matter where I wriggle, I can't break free from the sensations forced upon me at every spot at once. Obviously my next step needs to be getting eaten out with a side of SHOCKER.

Anywhoo, it was amazing sex. And, as always, he collapsed his sweaty head on my chest and let me hold him. And all we had to do was rip the gloves off, and we were clean and cuddle ready. We still had silicone lube all over us though, which doesn't reabsorb into your body, so I pulled him into my shower.

I sometimes think back to around February of this year, when I was dating Mr. Abstinent Conservative, and wonder how the hell I managed.

Home Free

I come running into the room to find him sitting on my bed. I jump up, straddling him, and take his face in my hands and kiss him hard.

"I'm so happy!" I say, as he diligently lifts off my shirt.

"Why's that?"

"I got my period!!!"

And five minutes later he was shirtless too and we were rolling around the bed, kissing all of our favorite places.

I suddenly look up. "Whew."

"You were really worried weren't you?" I nod.

"What would you have done?" We're both laying on our backs, side by side.

And after some time, "I would have an abortion. But I'd be really really upset about it."

(In other news, I forgot how much worse periods are when you're off birth control! There's so much more blood! I'm actually getting stains on clothing! This hasn't happened in years! Like I said before, I am never going off birth control again!)

(Oh, and don't worry, I have lots and lots of naughty things to tell you when I have the time.)

Saturday, July 28, 2007


This week I have felt very anxious. It started that night I mentioned a couple posts ago when I just lost control of my emotions and let the boy see a little more crazy than I had planned. Things went basically back to normal after that, except not completely. I've still felt very anxious all week.

For almost two weeks now, my nipples have been extremely sensitive, if not in pain. They are feeling a little better now, but I have to admit it freaked me out.

Speaking of freaking out... I was supposed to get my period on Wednesday. I started wearing my Keeper that day, so I'd be prepared when it came, and then checked it that night, the next night, the next... nothing.

I've been off my birth control this month. I use the Nuva Ring, which I love, but every now and again I lose track of time and forget to take it out after 3 weeks. Then I get like a 48 day cycle instead of 28 and that can't be good for your body. So... after fucking up my cycle like 3 times in a row, I decided to go off it for a month to let my body "reset." Then I met RoseBoy.

We used a condom every time. No breakage, no accidents.

But a late period plus nipple soreness is bound to leave a girl suspicious. Today I ran some errands with my dad and he asked if I needed anything at Walgreens. "Oh yeah, I need to pick up some shampoo, some nail polish remover, and a home pregnancy test. Will you be paying Dad?" Yeah right.

I am not freaking out just yet. I have been getting cramps this week, especially today, which I think is more likely to be a sign of a period rather than a pregnancy. I used to get horrible cramps before I went on birth control- hell that's why I even started taking it in the first place! (That, and the fact that I wanted to lose my virginity.) Cramps at this point in a pregnancy is more likely to spell "miscarriage" than "baby shower," anyway.

Please, oh please, let me bleed out this anxiety tomorrow! There's nothing like an abortion to keep a 3 week old relationship together. Or, on the way less likely hand, there's nothing like a new baby to force a guy you just met to stay in your life forever. Oh, and I guess I wouldn't be going to grad school either.

And trust me when I saw I will NEVER go off my birth control ever again. Ever.